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10” CTO Block -Coconut Based

10” CTO Block -Coconut Based

It is suitable for 10" housings. This filter is made by compressing the activated carbon mineral.

Due to this compression, it not only filters up to 10 microns, but also provides the removal of odor, color and taste in water due to the active carbon in it.

Coconut Activated Carbon mineral in it is made from coconut shell. With high iodine, odor and taste regulation in water is at the highest level.

It is the indispensable pre-filter of Reverse Osmosis systems. It is generally used as the 3rd stage.

With this filter containing Coconut, the membranes of the reverse osmosis didtems will have a very long life. It should be known that the most active substance that shortens the life of the membrane is chlorine.

With a good activated carbon, it is possible to use the membrane for at least 2-3 years.